1st Step Questions

1st Step Questions


  1. Have you accepted alcoholism as a disease – a family disease and as such you are powerless to cause, cure, or control this disease? My Answer
  2. Do you allow what others say or do or don’t say or do to upset you and your serenity?  What kinds of things frustrate and anger you? My Answer
  3. What is the difference between “submission” and “surrender”? My Answer
  4. Have you accepted the fact that you cannot control another person in any way (their actions, thoughts, behavior, feelings, drinking, etc.) and many times are powerless over even yourself and your own thinking and actions? My Answer
  5. Do you understand that by trying to change people to fit your standards you are playing God? My Answer
  6. Do you realize that you alone are responsible for your own actions, feelings, and thoughts – that these are your choices and you cannot blame others for them? My Answer
  7. Do you realize the people you try to control will resist you and many times develop deep anger, hostility, and resentments towards you? My Answer
  8. Can you accept that we are all individuals and as such our habit patterns, characteristics, and ways of acting and reacting to daily happenings are different form each other as no two of us have lived each day of our lives exactly as someone else has? My Answer
  9. Do you realize and accept that changing yourself and your attitude is the only way you can find true peace, freedom, and harmony? My Answer
  10. Can you accept that “life isn’t fair,” and that at times ALL of us can be mean, arrogant, self-seeking, dishonest, spiteful, and revengeful, etc.? My Answer
  11. Can you accept for today that things are exactly the way they are supposed to be and that nothing happens by mistake in God’s world? My Answer
  12. Many times we meditate on the negatives of our lives.  What have you got to be grateful for today?  A practice of gratitude can turn your attitude around.  List a minimum of six things for which you are truly grateful today. My Answer

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