First steps

First steps

The 12 steps looked like they laid out reasonably against what I know of Buddhism. The first 3 steps of “I can’t, This can, I will let it” were lining up well in my head against the Four Noble Truths. The inventory seemed to line up well against the Noble Eightfold Path characteristics of Right Mind and Right Action and the rest. And it seemed I could tie some Buddhism into my life in this fashion in a better way than just listening and a bit of reading here and there.

My lovely E had suggested a 12 step book off amazon for us to use, and I balked because it didn’t hit the mark. It se me to have been about working the steps against childhood abuse, which doesn’t fit me. Luckily, E is also a bit happy to be tying these two things together and found Darren Littlejohn’s book The 12-Step Buddhist: Enhance Recovery from Any Addiction seems to be a good source. 

So far, E and I have discussed the Four Noble Truths and the first 3 steps and I’ve started reading the book, which has a front section that seems to be his story and then some of his Buddhist ties. Not to worry, it’s interesting and I’ll continue until I find a step or two to begin working. I’m good with the Truths and the 3 steps and it’ll be interesting to see how those get more info as this book progresses. 

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